Clientis EB Entlebucher Bank

Bank valuation for the purpose of a capital increase

IFBC was mandated by the board of directors of Clientis EB Entlebucher Bank to quantify an appropriate value per share for the purpose of a capital increase. As a decision basis for the pricing a value range for the bank was quantified and a fair price per share determined. The analyses were based on a valuation model aligned to the specific value drivers of the regional bank. Furthermore, based on various scenarios the additional capital needs for the bank were analyzed.

Clientis EB Entlebucher Bank is one of 15 retail banks within the Clientis Group.

Zürcher Landbank

IFBC acted as a financial advisor on the sale of a 25% equity stake of Zürcher Landbank AG to Clientis Zürcher Regionalbank

IFBC advised Zürcher Landbank on its branch and equity strategy as well as in the course of the search and evaluation of a strategic partner with equity stake. During the transaction process IFBC determined the future capital need of Zürcher Landbank and supported the bank during contract negotiations and transaction structuring.

Zürcher Landbank AG is a regional bank in the Winterthur area. It is specialized on the business for retail clients as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Marxer Stiftung für Bankwerte

IFBC acted as a sole financial advisor to Marxer Stiftung für Bankwerte on the sale of Centrum Bank Ltd., Vaduz to VP Bank Ltd.

IFBC supported Marxer Stiftung für Bankwerte on the sale of Centrum Bank Ltd., Vaduz to VP Bank Ltd. Our support covered the development of the transaction structure, the company valuation and the negotiations on the SPA as well as closing activities. 

Centrum Bank AG, Vaduz was prior to the sale the fourth-largest private bank in the Principality of Liechtenstein with more than 6 billion CHF assets under management. The bank focuses on investment advisory services, asset management and financial consulting dedicated to domestic and international clients/high net individuals. As of 7 January 2015, Centrum Bank Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of VP Bank Ltd. The merger of VP Bank Ltd. and Centrum Bank Ltd. will be completed in the coming months.


New Debt Capacity Framework for UBS

IFBC supported UBS in the development and implementation of process-specific debt capacity frameworks for corporate clients as well as the corresponding strategic analysis.

UBS is a leading global financial services company for private and corporate clients as well as institutional clients.

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