Due to efficiency and risk aspects, operational investment processes should be standardised and supported by appropriate management tools. We develop bespoke model solutions in order to ensure the comprehensive and methodically correct assessment of investment projects. Transactions and transformation processes regularly require the development of a Business Case in order to model financial impacts. Alongside this indispensible basis for decision making, this constitutes the precondition for successful implementation. Our Financial Modeling service includes the following support:


A standardised project assessment improves quality of decisions and process efficiency

When dealing with investment projects, companies need to formulate clear processes, including responsibilities and competences, as well as minimum requirements regarding economic feasibility. The use of standardised models is recommended for the financial assessment of investments. These models have to be aligned to the major value and cost drivers, correctly recognise the project risks in addition to the cost of capital as well as demonstrating sensitivity and scenario analysis. Finally, the project proposal has to include the major implementation steps in order to enable effective control of the investment.

The financial Business Case as basis for successful transformation projects

The development of a financial Business Case establishes the decision making basis and preconditions for successful project implementation. The application of adequate key performance indicators (KPI) means that the decision makers are constantly informed of developments in the project, enabling them to take corrective action if necessary.