IFBC has developed financing concepts for well-known companies and overseen their implementation with credit- and capital market financing. Our clients appreciate our long-standing experience, our extensive relationship network, our independence and objectivity as well as our great professional competence. We offer support in the following areas:


A sustainable financing concept is an essential requirement for successful company development

A company-specific financing concept has to support the planned strategic development of the company and the requirements of everyday operations. When defining financing concepts, we give particular consideration to central aspects such as the cost of capital, flexibility, stability and security. This means that the financing and especially the capital structure will be aligned to the company’s needs.

A financing arrangement that is optimally aligned to the business model provides security and financial flexibility

The specific arrangement of the financing policy is essentially determined by the company’s debt capacity. When determining these, we take particular account of the business model and the sustainable future cash flows of the company. Using sensitivity and scenario analysis, we also verify the impact of economic deviations and structural risks on the debt levels.

Capital market financing can generate advantages in capital procurement

Companies are increasingly using the capital markets. For companies with access to the capital markets, bond financing offers various comparative advantages. Alongside interest rate benefits, the structure of the creditors can be improved and the dependency on individual investors reduced. In addition, the enhanced potential diversification of various maturities can have significant benefits.

Anticipate rating-developments

Company ratings are becoming increasingly important within the context of capital market financing. Amongst other things, it has an effect on the potential issue volume and pricing of the bond. We assess the potential implications of financial developments on the company’s existing rating (rating assessment). We support initial issuers in their approximate assessment of their expected rating classification.