Acquisitions and sales of companies, corporate mergers or joint ventures not only offer new chances for success, but also entail risks. Based on our experiences gained from past transactions, we support the successful implementation of planned transactions above all in the following fields:


The successful structuring of a transaction must be based on sound economic analysis and requires experience and creativity

The success of a company transaction will be significantly affected by the financial, legal and fiscal structure. Structuring decisions have to be prepared carefully and must be taken at an early stage. Taking account of all substantial aspects (specifically finance, tax, legal and organisation) and working together with proven professional experts, we make sure that company transactions are structured with a view to the long-term perspective.

A closely managed transaction process as a recipe for success

Transaction processes are mostly time and resource intense. Thanks to our many years of experience, we actively manage the transaction process and thus take the pressure off decision makers. Furthermore, we support our clients through negotiations with counterparties or financing banks.

The search for investors and transaction financing as a challenge

In order to ensure a successful corporate sale, the spectrum of potential buyers and investors has to be framed in the best possible terms. A sufficient pool of potential buyers increases the security of the transaction and enhances flexibility. In order to ensure the desired transaction financing, investors and creditors have to be provided with comprehensive documentation and convinced that the transaction will be successful. Drawing on our experience and our extensive network of relationships, we support companies in their search for investors as well as in transaction financing.

Professional financial due diligence as an essential element of corporate transactions

When performing financial due diligence we establish a high level of transparency of the target company. Our analysis focuses on the relevant value drivers, the derivation of normalised income and balance sheet figures (e.g. EBITDA, EBIT, NWC) as well as a systematic valuation of the opportunities and risks of the target. The results of the due diligence provide a sound basis for successful price and contractual negotiations.

Post merger integration ensures successful transactions

The main reasons for the failure of an acquisition often lie in the integration phase. In order to achieve the expected synergies quickly and effectively and to ensure a successful continuation of existing business, structures, processes and systems have to be balanced optimally and aligned in a strategically consistent manner. We support the successful implementation of the transformation and integration process.