PAX Anlage AG

Preparation of the Fairness Opinion relating to the public tender offer made by Basler Leben AG to the shareholders of PAX Anlage AG

IFBC was engaged by the board of directors of PAX Anlage AG to prepare a Fairness Opinion assessing the public tender offer made by Basler Leben AG from a financial point of view. As a qualified evaluator pursuant to Article 30(6) Takeover Ordinance (TOO), IFBC is suitably qualified to prepare Fairness Opinions.

PAX Anlage is a Swiss Real Estate company quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange AG with a market cap of CHF 290 million as of March 2017.


Financial Advisor regarding the conclusion of an energy supply contract with Repartner Produktions AG

IFBC supported Repower on several financial issues in connection with the conclusion of a long-term, asset-based energy supply contract with Repartner Produktions AG. The partners obtain energy purchase rights based on the production of the power plants in Klosters, Küblis and Schlappin.

Repower is an internationally operating Swiss energy company.


Realization of a financial due diligence for Investis Holding AG

In the context of the assessment of an acquisition target in the field of facility management IFBC was engaged by Investis Holding AG to perform the respective financial due diligence. The findings of the financial due diligence were summarized in a standardized report. This report was a reliable basis for Investis Holding AG for the assessment of the transaction and for the price determination.

Investis Group is a leading residential property company in the Lake Geneva region and a real estate services provider active in the two synergetic segments of Properties and Real Estate Services. Since 2016 Investis-Group has been listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Charles Vögele

Advisor in the public tender offer for all listed shares in Charles Vögele Holding AG

Economic opiniom on specific terms of the contract regarding compliance with Swiss takeover law.

Sempione Retail is owned inter alia by OVS S.p.A, a contemporary fast fashion retailer, market leader in Italy.

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