Treasury and Financial risk management plays a particularly important role due to the current market development of the currencies, interest rates and commodity prices. Dealing correctly with particularly complex questions can have a significant impact on the success of the company.


Create added value with Financial risk management

The starting point is a clearly defined treasury policy and a target oriented strategy for dealing with financial risks. IFBC supports companies in developing a risk strategy that is tailored to the business and the propensity to risk. The guidelines concerning hedging policy and the requirements for processes, systems and instruments are of central importance. We clearly distinguish between a cash flow view and a result-oriented view (market view versus accounting view) in relation to the management of risk exposure.

Fast changing framework conditions represent new challenges for the Corporate Treasury

The treasury function is characterised by the strong linkage between the company as a whole and the financial markets. It is only by adopting a holistic approach that the various challenges can be mastered. Treasury policy, structures, processes and systems have to be aligned consistently and the treasury strategy has to be tested on a regular basis. Our standardised approach enables us to create a snapshot of the company. Based on the results we establish potential for improvement in the fields of treasury policy and strategy as well as structures, processes and systems.