Development of financial policy

IFBC established in cooperation with IWB the financial policy, which describes the basis of financial management of IWB. In a first step, financial principles were defined taking the legal environment and the ownership strategy of the canton of Basel-Stadt into account. Based on these principles the main guidelines within the different fields of financial management were specified and summarised.

IWB is a utility company for energy, water and telecom-services in the region of Basel. In addition, IWB is a leading company for services in relation to renewable energies and energy efficiency.


Assessment and improvement of management reporting

IFBC was engaged by Helsana to systematically review the reporting for the attention of the executive management and the board of directors. At first, the requirements to the reporting according to current best practice were defined. Based on a structured assessment of the different reportings potentials of improvements were identified and recommendations of action were provided.

The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurance in Switzerland.


Development of a financial policy for familea

IFBC was engaged by familea to develop a financial policy. Based on the financial targets of the current strategy of familea the main principles of financial management at familea were defined. The main focus of the project was the development and description of a value-based management approach for familea as a non-profit organization and the definition of guidelines for financing and investments.

familea is a non-profit organization in the area of Basel. The offer covers childcare facilities in day care centers and children’s home as well as a specialized women’s advice and a service for foster parents.


Development of valuation tool to assess investment projects

IFBC developed a standardised valuation model for Emmi for the assessment of investment projects. The model is aligned to the specific business model of Emmi, focusing on the main value drivers. Furthermore a distinction can be made between growth, rationalization and replacement projects. The valuation parameter and the structure of the tool are adjusted accordingly. The tool provides optimal support for investment decisions due to the standardized calculations, the consequent alignment to the value driver and the transparent presentation of the results based on different scenarios.

Emmi is the largest Swiss milk processor, one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe and a worldwide renowned specialist for Swiss cheese.

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