Development of valuation tool to assess investment projects

IFBC developed a standardised valuation model for Emmi for the assessment of investment projects. The model is aligned to the specific business model of Emmi, focusing on the main value drivers. Furthermore a distinction can be made between growth, rationalization and replacement projects. The valuation parameter and the structure of the tool are adjusted accordingly. The tool provides optimal support for investment decisions due to the standardized calculations, the consequent alignment to the value driver and the transparent presentation of the results based on different scenarios.

Emmi is the largest Swiss milk processor, one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe and a worldwide renowned specialist for Swiss cheese.


Identification and assessment of financing opportunities in the balance sheet

IFBC was mandated to identify and asses possible measures for asset financing and generation of liquidity. The client was especially interested not only in traditional measures but also in innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Autoneum is the globally leading automobile supplier in acoustic and thermal management for vehicles. Autoneum develops and produces multifunctional and lightweight components and systems for noise and heat protection.


Development of an integrated cost of capital concept

IFBC developed an integrated cost of capital concept for ARYZTA covering different areas of financial management (investment assessments, acquisitions, value based management and impairment testing). A core element of the concept is the definition of sustainable input-parameters and the consideration of different currencies.

ARYZTA AG is a global company with a leadership position in specialist bakery products.


Valuation of a district heating grid for EKS AG

IFBC was mandated to value a planned district heating grid for EKS AG using the real options approach. With this approach we captured the specific financial characteristics of the project.

EKS AG is an electric supply company serving about 43’000 customers in the canton of Schaffhausen and southern Germany.

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