Exclusive Sell-side Advisor for the Investis Group

Exclusive Sell-side Advisor for the Investis Group

On 8 August 2019, Investis Group announced the sale of its participation in Régie du Rhône SA, Lancy (Régie du Rhône) to Immoparticipation SA, Fribourg. Régie du Rhône offers real estate services mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In 2018 Régie du Rhône reached a revenue level of around CHF 20 million with 155 employees.


IFBC acted as M&A advisor to Investis within this successful sell-side transaction. As part of the transaction process, IFBC performed a valuation, searched for suitable potential buyers, organised the due diligence and assisted the seller in the negotiation process.


Investis is a Swiss real estate company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange with a market capitalisation of around CHF 900 million (August 2019). Investis’ real estate portfolio consists almost exclusively of residential properties in the Lake Geneva region and was valued at CHF 1.34 billion as per 30 June 2019. Investis is also active throughout Switzerland in Real Estate Services. With the sale of Régie du Rhône, Investis is focusing its property management activities on the national brand Privera, with which Investis intends to grow more strongly.


Here you will find the link to Investis’ official media release.


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