IFBC acted as Financial Advisor to OFFIX Holding AG

IFBC acted as Financial Advisor to OFFIX Holding AG

On 29 January 2021, OFFIX Holding AG (which belongs to the Swiss PEG Papeteristen Einkaufsgenossenschaft) and the Swiss Office World Holding AG (which belongs to the international MTH Retail Group Holding GmbH), announced that they intend to bundle their Swiss business in the new Office World Group AG. For this purpose, Office World Holding AG brings in its subsidiaries Office World, iba and Tramondi, while OFFIX Holding AG brings in the subsidiaries Papedis, Ecomedia, Oridis, Office Leader and DocuServ to the new Swiss Office World Group AG. Through this transaction a new Swiss group is formed, which is active in all parts of Switzerland, employs around 600 people and generates a turnover of around CHF 400mn.


IFBC acted as Financial Advisor to OFFIX Holding AG for this important transaction. IFBC particularly supported its client with valuation and transaction price considerations and in price negotiations.


Christoph Clavadetscher, Chairman of the Board of OFFIX Holding, says: «We are enthusiastic about this merger, which is a consequent step in the development of our cooperative. We are expecting measurable economic advantages for the members of our cooperative and clients as well as an improvement in our offering for end clients. The team around Thomas Vettiger has significantly contributed to the success of this important transaction. IFBC has particularly also helped in achieving an optimal negotiation result.»


PEG Papeteristen Einkaufsgenossenschaft with headquarters in Aarburg AG supplies and supports stationary stores, but also a large number of independent specialist dealers, resellers, retail chains, corporate clients and institutions with its operating subsidiaries, which have been grouped in OFFIX Holding AG since 2015. Today OFFIX Holding AG is one of the leading players in the area of paper and stationery products in Switzerland. It has an annual turnover of around CHF 240mn and a total headcount of 235 employees.


Office World Holding AG with headquarters in Bolligen is present in 19 locations in Switzerland, generated a turnover of around CHF 170mn and employed in 359 employees. It belongs to the Austrian MTH Retail Group Holding GmbH, which has leading positions in the market for office supply articles in German-speaking countries in Europe. In 2019 it generated a total turnover of around EUR 730mn.


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