New transaction record for IFBC and the Globalscope network

New transaction record for IFBC and the Globalscope network

After a pandemic-related decline in M&A activity, particularly in the second quarter of 2020, both the observable transaction volume and the number of announced transactions increased significantly again in 2021. For the successful execution of corporate transactions, many companies mandated a member of Globalscope, a network of 55 independent M&A firms in 48 countries. Globalscope partners completed a total of 226 M&A transactions worth more than EUR 7.8 billion in 2021, a new record.


IFBC likewise contributed to the success of Globalscope, supporting among others the successful transactions of OFFIX (Switzerland / Switzerland), Takeda (Switzerland / Switzerland), Adisfaction-Annex (Switzerland / Switzerland), Global Sana (Switzerland / Germany), SwissSign (Switzerland / Switzerland) and Cassiopea (Italy / Ireland). More information on our M&A mandates can be found here.


With independent member firms located around the world, Globalscope partners helped various companies secure funding, buy and sell businesses, capitalize on financial opportunities as a result of the Globalscope network. There were 226 transactions executed across a wide variety of industries and sub-sectors.


Access to this powerful global partnership enables IFBC to effectively support its clients in the implementation of their international M&A strategy.


We are pleased that our Globalscope partners are operating very successfully in a challenging environment. More information about Globalscope and the cooperation with our partners can be found here.

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