Seminar on enterprise valuation, company acquisition and sale

Seminar on enterprise valuation, company acquisition and sale

Corporate transactions are an important strategic option for entrepreneurs and management. Therefore, we invite you to our seminar “Enterprise valuation, company acquisition and sale”, which we carry out together with our German partner Carlsquare near the Zurich airport. Within the seminar, we gladly pass on our experience from combined more than 400 transactions to you. The following questions are dealt with in particular:


  • What is the value of my company and when is the right time for a transaction?
  • What is the process in case of an acquisition or a sale transaction (including due diligence)?
  • How can professional preparation and negotiation support the transformation of the company’s value into an optimal transaction price?
  • Which errors should be avoided in a transaction?
  • How do I find the right buyer or the right target company in Switzerland or abroad?
  • What are the critical aspects of a purchase/sale contract?


Please see the program for more information, which is available for download. The seminar will be held in German.




Phone: +41 43 255 14 55

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