Transaction readiness increases transaction security

Transaction readiness minimizes the risk of negative surprises

Transaction readiness strengthens the position in the transaction process


All decision-makers, company owners and investors planning a corporate transaction

Covers, among other things, purchase and sale transactions, succession planning, growth financing and divestments


Analysis of individual transaction readiness based on a gap analysis

Individualized action list providing specific guidance

Identification of feasible results with little effort on your part


Extensive experience in corporate finance and M&A

Leading Financial Advisor in Switzerland with strong sector expertise

High senior involvement with high value added for your transaction readiness



Our extensive experience in corporate transactions shows that the timely and professional preparation has a huge positive impact on the success of a corporate transaction. Therefore, we have developed the IFBC Transaction Check.


The IFBC Transaction Check enables decision-makers, company owners and investors to evaluate their readiness for a specific corporate transaction based on an individual gap analysis with the help of a team of experts and with little effort on their part.


As a result, you receive specific guidance from us in form of an action list tailored to your transaction project allowing you to optimize your transaction readiness completing identified tasks. We discuss the corresponding results of our gap analysis with you in a closing meeting. In addition, we provide you with an individualized report detailing the results of our analysis.


The IFBC Transaction Check is designed for a wide range of corporate transactions (e.g. succession planning, acquisition and sale of a company, growth financing) from all industries. Through our cooperation with DG180, we can also offer further expert knowledge in the field of digital transformation complementing our profound sector expertise across various industries.


Through our global M&A partnership Globalscope, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on cross-border transactions. In this context, we can also effectively support you in evaluating and establishing transaction readiness in an international setting.

Your path to specific, feasible recommendations for action


With the IFBC Transaction Check, you chose an efficient analysis of your transaction readiness and to obtain specific guidance to improve your chances of success for the planned transaction project. Our experienced team works efficiently, target-oriented and dedicated to your specific individual case.


Contact us and request your non-binding offer for the IFBC Transaction Check. Due to our daily business, we are used to work with sensitive company data and maintaining confidentiality. However, we are of course also happy to sign an additional confidentiality agreement.


Start your IFBC Transaction Check with us and request a non-binding offer:

Offer IFBC Transaction Check

After your request for a non-binding offer, we will contact you by phone to discuss the next steps for the assessment of your transaction readiness. Following our first discussions, you may complete our short introductory questionnaire online allowing us to gather further information on your planned transaction. We are also happy to discuss this information directly during our initial phone call. The Transaction Check questionnaire or our initial discussion forms the basis for our offer.


We will send you the offer in writing after processing your information and will also be happy to discuss it with you.

In a first step we evaluate your current situation to set the basis for assessing your transaction readiness.


For this purpose and based on our longstanding M&A experience we have developed  questionnaires gathering specific information needs tailored to your type of corporate transaction. The questionnaire enables us to record your current situation regarding your transaction project in a structured manner. In addition, you will receive a short, individualized information request list from us.


Based on these two elements, we will take an in-depth look at your transaction project and if applicable at your company.

Based on the information provided to us, we will conduct a structured workshop with you, in which we address the specific aspects of your corporate transaction. In this context, our experienced transaction specialists will address open questions and further discuss selected issues with you.


Our focus areas for assessing transaction readiness using a sell-side transaction as an example are defined as follows:

  • Product & business model
  • Market & market positioning
  • Financial data & underlying quality of the data
  • Transaction structure & transaction rationale


If required, our transaction specialists will further explore selected topics in a second workshop for a final assessment.

We will discuss our transaction readiness analysis with you in a meeting, where we will present the identified gaps and provide you with specific recommendations for action to improve your transaction success. We will also prepare an individualized report detailing our results.


If you have further questions about the IFBC Transaction Check, please contact us. We look forward to an interesting dialog with you.


Dr. Thomas Vettiger, Managing Partner

Fabian Forrer, CFA, Partner