IFBC UpDate – Performance Report

IFBC UpDate – Performance Report

We are pleased to present our IFBC Performance Report. In this publication, you will find our latest analyses and assessments of the financial value creation of the largest Swiss industrial companies, which have previously been the subject of our IFBC Dialog – Finance Edition.


To evaluate profitability, for example, the development of the economic profits of Swiss industrial companies was analyzed. In the years 2017 to 2019, an average of around 75% of the companies were able to generate a positive economic profit. In 2020, this proportion dropped significantly to 57%. However, the forecasts for operating performance in 2021 indicate a significant recovery. Based on the published analyst expectations, it can be assumed that the share of companies with a positive economic profit in the current year will return to the average level of 2017 to 2019.

Proportion of companies with positive or negative economic profit (EP)


Further analyses of Swiss industrial companies in the areas of “share price performance and valuation”, “operating performance” and “outlook” can be found in our IFBC Performance Report:

To download the IFBC Performance Report, please click here (publication in German).


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