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Cost of capital of banks

The concept of capital allocation is an important component of the strategic bank management. If designed correctly, it enables sustainable value creation by the bank as a whole and its business

Investment analysis

The efficient allocation of financial resources is a core element of financial enterprise management. In addition to the required investment analysis and decision making processes, a target oriented investment controlling focusing

Financial management in times of crises

Management, Boards of Directors and CFOs of companies face big challenges in times of crises in relation to financial management. The securing of liquidity must always take prominence in the short-term

Steering the business portfolio of banks

Value based business portfolio management supports decision makers in identifying the strategic value enhancing potential and leads to transparency in investment and divestment decisions. Publication in German:

The optimum level of liquidity

One of the main tasks of the financial management is to secure company liquidity. The level and structure of the liquidity required for operations has to be determined, weighing up the

Limits of budgeting

Traditional planning and budgeting concepts are being increasingly criticised. The quality and efficiency of planning now are suffering more due to the increasing complexity and dynamics of today’s environment. Greater time

Option based liquidity planning

Liquidity planning is a core instrument within the financial corporate management. An essential precondition is that the financial characteristics of the company’s business model are reflected in its liquidity planning. Publication in

Target setting

Financial targets have to be set on group and on business unit level within the planning and budgeting process. It is often unclear whether these targets also create shareholder value. This

Shareholder oriented management information

Shareholders expect a risk adjusted return on their financial investment. The enterprise value is therefore the starting point for a value based management approach. By analysing the enterprise value, information can

Capital market efficiency

Capital market information on the enterprise value represents the cornerstone of a value based management system. Any incorrect valuation has to be taken into account, which can be considered by referring