IFBC is purpose-led and cultivates a meaningful work environment with a positive spirit and a culture that focuses on dialog, feedback and recognition. Open and respectful interactions with all stakeholders are integral elements of “The IFBC Way”.

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The Why, How and What of IFBC

We fundamentally believe in redefining corporate finance.

That’s why our highly qualified people engage in strategic dialog to identify the root cause of a challenge and why we develop ideas that inspire organizations to create stakeholder value.

This is how IFBC has become the leading-edge financial advisor in Switzerland for M&A and Financing and why you are perfectly comfortable working with us for Valuation & Financial Modeling, Financial Due Diligence, Value-based Management and Expert Opinions.

The IFBC Way


People: Be an expert in your field and create principles.
Ideas: Be open minded in all your interactions.
Excellence: Leverage know-how, credentials, processes and infrastructure.
Integrity: Be credible, objective and independent.


Ownership: Embrace responsibility for yourself and your work.
Passion: Find purpose in meaningful work and collaborate.
Growth: Welcome challenges as opportunities for personal growth.
Care: Care for each other and our wider society (CSR).


Value-add: Deliver quality on time and budget.
Insights: Understand your client agenda and customize solutions.
Expectations: Go beyond what's expected and make the impossible happen.
Follow-up: Think long-term and invest in relationships.


Entrepreneurs: Strive for outstanding results and success.
Inspiration: Commit to the highest quality and be driven by sustainability.
Networks: Build connections with people and organizations in our ecosystem.
Dialog: Co-create with your team and your clients.

In addition to “The IFBC Way,” we are committed to the principles of good corporate governance and the interests of our stakeholders. We comply with the laws and have an established and binding set of rules that ensure compliance.

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Experiencing IFBC

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