Financial Expert Opinions

You need an assessment or expert opinion on financial matters to support you in a conflict or legal dispute. As a recognized and experienced financial expert, we will address your questions objectively and comprehensibly. Place your trust in our expertise and secure in-depth support for your success.

Capabilities & Collaboration

We specialize in objectively processing financial issues using scientific approaches and current best practice and presenting them in a comprehensible manner. Our Financial Expert Opinions meet the highest standards of the courts, regulatory and supervisory authorities, lawyers and auditors.

Conflict Resolution Support

You are looking for support in conflict resolution with a focus on valuations (e.g. contractual clauses, tax issues). As leading experts in financial and economic matters, we work objectively and in a practical manner in order to present complex issues in an understandable way. We offer corporate finance support in various phases and different types of conflicts.

Court Case Support

Our expertise extends to arbitration and parties' expert opinions, where we apply scientific approaches and proven methods. Our experts specialize in analyzing financial aspects clearly and objectively to provide a solid basis for legal disputes. We understand the complexity of court cases and are your experienced partner to effectively represent your interests.

Financial Damage Quantification

With holistic financial expertise and many years of experience in the field of valuations, we are able to carry out an economic damage assessment. Our approach makes it possible to include a wide range of aspects.

Our Approach — Your Benefits

Principles for Expert Opinions

Holistic analysis of the problem

Implementation of the latest financial theory principles

Addressing best practices

Transparent and comprehensible presentation of results

Success through Financial Expert Opinions

Benefit from our extensive knowledge in Conflict Resolution Support and Court Case Support to gain the decisive advantage in contentious financial issues in the context of legal disputes. With precise financial analyses and our many years of experience, we offer you a clear path through complex challenges. Take advantage of our expertise to make informed decisions and reduce risks.

Cooperation with Law Firms

We work with the best national and international law firms on a regular basis and engage in continuous exchange on relevant issues (e.g. company valuation in legal practice, financial damage assessment in M&A disputes). Law firms also value us as independent, objective and highly experienced financial advisors in transactions.

Clien projects Financial Expert Opinions

Financial Expert Opinions are strictly confidential and credentials are only communicated anonymously and in personal contact.

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