IFBC Transaction Check

Transaction readiness is your key to success. The more prepared you are for your transaction project, the more optimal the result. You strengthen your position in negotiations, minimize risks and gain transaction security.


With little effort on your part, you will timely receive a gap analysis with an implementable action list and specific recommendations for action on how to positively influence your transaction success.


With our cross-sector knowledge in the areas of Clean Energy Transition and Digitalization, you will strengthen the know-how for innovation and sustainable increase in value in this context.


Thanks to our worldwide M&A partnership Globalscope, you also get transparency on how a cross-border transaction can be effectively implemented.

Best Practice

The dialog with experienced IFBC Partners gives you a pragmatic insight into M&A execution and gives you access to the relevant players in the M&A market.

Process & Approach

The IFBC Transaction Check is designed for a variety of corporate transactions (e.g. succession planning, company purchase and sale, investment sale, growth financing) from a wide variety of sectors.

Step 1

Request for Proposal

With the IFBC Transaction Check, you opt for an analysis of your transaction readiness and to obtain specific guidance to improve your chances of success for the planned transaction project. Our experienced team works efficiently, target-oriented and dedicated to your specific individual case.

Contact us and request your non-binding offer for the IFBC Transaction Check. Due to our daily business, we are used to work with sensitive company data and maintaining confidentiality. However, we are of course also happy to sign an additional confidentiality agreement.

Step 2

Specification of transaction project

After your request for a non-binding offer, we will contact you by phone to discuss the next steps for the assessment of your transaction readiness. Following our first discussions, you may complete our short introductory questionnaire online allowing us to gather further information on your planned transaction. We are also happy to discuss this information directly during our initial phone call.

The Transaction Check questionnaire or our initial discussion forms the basis for our offer. We will send you the offer in writing after processing your information and will also be happy to discuss it with you.

Step 3

Current Situation

In order to improve your chances of success with the planned transaction project, we will work with you as a first step to assess the current situation.

Based on our many years of M&A experience, we have developed a transaction type-specific list of questions, which enables us to record your current situation in a structured manner with regard to the transaction project. In addition, you will receive a short, individualized information request list from us.

Based on these two elements, we will take a closer look at your transaction project and your company.

Step 4

Transaction Readiness

As part of a structured workshop, the specific topics of the corporate transaction will be discussed with you on the basis of the information provided to us. In this context, our experienced transaction specialists will address open questions and deepen selected elements with you.

Our focus areas for assessing transaction readiness using the example of a sales transaction are defined as follows:

• Product & business model
• Market & market positioning
• Financial data & underlying quality
• Transaction structure & transaction rational

If necessary, our transaction specialists will further explore selected topics in a second workshop for a final assessment.

step 5

Recommendations for Action

We will discuss the results of our analysis regarding transaction readiness with you in a meeting. We will provide you with the identified gaps and corresponding recommendations for action to optimize the success of the transaction. We will also prepare our results in the form of an individualized report.

If you have any questions about the IFBC Transaction Check, please contact us directly. We look forward to an interesting dialog with you.

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