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As the urbanization trend continues, the real estate sector is moving ahead in digitalization and sustainability. Investments and innovations in the areas of building efficiency and technology will be needed in the coming years to achieve the required sustainability goals, however. This development offers opportunities for many real estate players.

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Digitalization has found its way into the Real Estate and construction industries. Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based planning, execution and management of Real Estate, or the implementation of artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and safety in construction processes are becoming increasingly important. Virtual reality solutions and digital media are also increasingly being used for sales and marketing purposes and simplify communication both between buyers and sellers as well as between owners, tenants and administration.


The topic of sustainability is also shaping the Real Estate sector. As a major energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter, the Real Estate sector can make an important contribution to Net Zero. Investments in sustainability not only have a positive effect on the climate, but also make sense from an economic point of view, as they increase the value of real estate.


The growth of megacities and the trend towards increasing urbanization are important drivers in the construction industry. The development of residential high-rise buildings will continue to increase as a result of densified construction. In addition to ecologically motivated renovations, the construction sector is also significantly driven by technological advances. In particular, redesigning construction processes to save emissions or building materials, for example through the use of “3D printing”, is highly relevant.

Renewable energy



Network convergence

need for skilled workers

Focus in energy

market integration

New competitor


customer needs

material supply chains


Investments in BIM systems increase project profitability in the long-term

Artificial intelligence optimizes construction processes and costs

Augmented, mixed or virtual reality are increasingly influencing purchasing decisions

Sustainable construction methods and circular economy are gaining in importance

Densification in construction promotes renovations and innovative housing solutions

High interest rates, increased construction costs and immigration are exacerbating the housing shortage

Switzerland is a country with limited area and high population density, particularly in urban areas. The price level of real estate is correspondingly high, both when buying and renting. This makes it difficult for many people to find affordable housing in metropolitan areas.

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