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IFBC is proud to be a member of Globalscope, an entrepreneurial, global network of mid-market M&A boutiques. For more than 30 years Globalscope members had been excelled at advising our clients in selling, buying and financing businesses. With 55 partner companies in 48 countries on five continents and more than 400 experts, Globalscope is one of the world’s leading M&A partnerships, which can offer its clients the best possible service in almost every language and region. As independent entrepreneurs, Globalscope partner companies around the world always put clients’ interests at the center of their activities. The partners are in close contact and meet several times a year to initiate joint transactions and to network with regional M&A managers and entrepreneurs. Globalscope stands for a uniformly high quality standard worldwide.


Thanks to our access to a global network of specialised financial experts, we can provide you with effective support to implement your international M&A strategy. This includes ongoing assistance with cross-border transactions in general and, more specifically, with identifying and access to prospective purchasers for disposals and spin-offs and searching for national or international target companies. The global network also enables us to identify the right investors for growth financing and to carry out corresponding transactions. The opportunity to operate in an internationally networked way strengthens competition and maximizes transaction security for our clients.


In order to increase transaction success in an international environment, we recommend to start early with the preparation of a potential corporate transaction using the IFBC Transaction Check.

IFBC Transaction Check
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In the past year, over 200 transactions were successfully concluded on our M&A network

With a total transaction volume of over USD 20,8 billion at Globalscope in the last year, the average transaction size was more than USD 102 million

More than 25 languages are spoken at Globalscope's 55 member agencies worldwide

Thanks to our connection with over 400 experienced M&A experts, we have know-how in specific segments

We provide support in cross-border transaction to both SME owners and the Board of Directors and Management of international corporations

Our customers appreciate our independence

Our special expertise and proven competence in implementation are of central importance to our clients

The customers of IFBC and Globalscope Partners include a number of different listed corporations that might be prospective buyers