Interview with Stefan Schimon, CEO of the Antrimon Group

Innovative concept for reindustrializing Switzerland


In July 2023, Antrimon Group AG (Antrimon) was taken over by Swiss Factory Group AG (, which further strengthened Switzerland as a business location. With this step, the first-class provider of innovative, sustainable mechatronic systems is also in the best position to meet customer expectations and needs even better and to develop further as part of the SwissFactory.Group.

Dipl. Ing./EMBA Stefan Schimon, founder and owner of Antrimon, was supported by IFBC as exclusive financial and M&A advisor throughout the sales process. In particular, IFBC developed an attractive transaction structure and supported contract and purchase price negotiations. Together with the buyer, the potentials and synergies that SwissFactory.Group's vision “We are the Swiss factory for appliances, devices & machines in the B2B sector!” brings you a big step closer.

In the future, Stefan Schimon will contribute his extensive knowledge and experience as a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors. In the following interview, he gives an insight into the ambitions and considerations that prompted him to take this step.

How did the idea for a collaboration between Antrimon and SwissFactory.Group come about?

The stands for an innovative association of SMEs with complementary manufacturing & assembly technologies as well as excellent engineering know-how. The culture and DNA of SwissFactory.Group are in line with Antrimon's values, which is why like-minded entrepreneurs met here.

What developments would you like to see in the Swiss workplace?

Switzerland is an innovative leader in many areas and has excellent educational institutions such as ETH and numerous “hidden champions” among SMEs. I myself am involved in several start-ups as a Board of Directors, a member of the Research Fund of the Canton of Aargau and President of Swiss Mechatronics. We should position ourselves as a DeepTech nation and strongly network the place of thought with the workplace. This vision and the overcoming of deficits, such as the strength of the Swiss franc and the shortage of workers, form the basis for reindustrializing Switzerland.

What are your priorities for Antrimon?

As founder and previous owner of Antrimon, I have a strong connection to my company, which is why I am also active as a shareholder and board of directors in the new group. As a member of SwissFactory.Group, Antrimon will continue to offer all services for project & innovation management, mechatronic development and laboratory, procurement, industrialization and product life cycle management. Together, we will continue to develop and meet customer expectations and needs even better in the future.

Where do you see potential for the future?

Antrimon is a highly motivated and closely networked team that is constantly learning. We are all united by a passion for mechatronics and the motivation to turn ideas into something special. Antrimon is involved in pioneering topics: Cargo Sous Terrain, Human Machine Interface, Smart Doors and other promising B2B projects in the areas of e-mobility and MedTech. The claim to become the “factory of Switzerland” shows where the journey is heading. Together with SwissFactory.Group, we create top services for our customers. This results in additional growth, which creates attractive career opportunities for our employees.

What challenges do you and the new group of companies face?

As a member of the Board of Directors, I can concentrate on long-term and strategic issues. Here, company-wide development of synergies and targeted knowledge transfer is considered one of the most complex tasks. The group of companies is very well positioned and understands the business models, value chains and customer needs in depth. We are the first port of call when it comes to delivering sustainable mechatronic systems from a single source. I see the biggest challenges in long-term talent management and consistent strategy implementation.

In your opinion, what was the biggest challenge in the transaction process?

You usually only sell your own company once, which is why this is an extraordinary situation per se that raises questions on many fronts. The transaction process was correspondingly complex and a heavy burden. Even though I'm used to pressure as an entrepreneur, it was very valuable for me to have discussions with a sparring partner like IFBC, who brings a fresh and external perspective.

Which contributions from IFBC did you particularly appreciate?

On the one hand, there was the structuring of the transaction at the beginning, which was solved very well by IFBC and took all my needs into account. I also appreciated the support in the negotiation process and the good involvement of stakeholders. The latter was of central importance for the success of the merger.

Stefan Schimon, CEO of Antrimon Group AG, has more than 20 years of experience in engineering, operations and product marketing as well as a graduate engineer in electrical engineering and an executive MBA in strategic management. He is founder and president of Gotthard 3 Mechatronic Solutions AG (a concept and a technology park), which promotes innovation in mechatronics. He also serves on various boards of directors and is president of SWISS MECHATRONICS, a professional association that promotes mechatronics.

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