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IFBC is a member of Globalscope, an entrepreneurial global network of international mid-market M&A boutiques. With 55 partner companies in 45 countries on five continents and more than 500 experts, Globalscope is one of the world’s leading M&A partnerships. Thanks to our access to a global network of specialised financial experts, we can effectively support companies in the implementation of their international M&A strategy.


Exclusive sell-side advisor on the sale of the SwissSign Group

On October 4, 2021, the Swiss Post announced the acquisition of all shares of the SwissSign Group. Before the transaction, the SwissSign Group was held as a joint venture of various reputable Swiss companies. IFBC supported the shareholders of SwissSign Group as exclusive financial and M&A advisor in the preparation of the transaction and throughout the entire transaction process. During the preparation phase of the transaction, IFBC advised the shareholders of SwissSign Group in the context of the evaluation of possible strategic alternatives and coordinated the decision-making process between the existing shareholders. Regarding the sale process, IFBC prepared the SwissSign Group for the upcoming transaction in an initial transaction readiness phase. In the subsequent transaction execution, IFBC conducted a structured international buyer approach, developed the transaction structure, and supported the due diligence and negotiations.

SwissSign Group is a Swiss digital security company employing around 90 people. SwissSign Group's services can be grouped in three business segments: In the identity business, SwissSign Group offers SwissID, which enables a secure login to online services. In the certificate business, SwissSign Group issues digital certificates that allow encrypted and secure online communication and tamper-proof signing of documents. In the signature business, SwissSign Group enables its customers to sign documents electronically in compliance with legislative requirements.


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