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IFBC is a member of Globalscope, an entrepreneurial global network of international mid-market M&A boutiques. With 55 partner companies in 45 countries on five continents and more than 500 experts, Globalscope is one of the world’s leading M&A partnerships. Thanks to our access to a global network of specialised financial experts, we can effectively support companies in the implementation of their international M&A strategy.


Fairness Opinion related to the public takeover offer by ELANTAS GmbH to the public shareholders of Von Roll Holding AG

On 11 August 2023, ELANTAS GmbH (ELANTAS), a subsidiary of the specialty chemicals group ALTANA AG (ALTANA), announced its intention to acquire all publicly held shares of Von Roll Holding AG (Von Roll) by way of a public tender offer. ELANTAS has concluded a share purchase agreement with the von Finck family and tender agreements with Von Roll Management, under which ELANTAS will acquire a total stake of 82.57 percent in Von Roll, at the offer price of 0.86 Swiss francs per share. The total volume of the transaction amounts to approximately CHF 300 million. The transaction bolsters the innovative prowess of both companies for the expansion of electromobility and renewable energies. Together, they will make a decisive contribution to the energy and mobility transition. IFBC prepared a fairness opinion for the Board of Directors of Von Roll to assess the financial adequacy of the takeover offer of ELANTAS. As a qualified evaluator pursuant to Article 30(6) Takeover Ordinance, IFBC is suitably qualified to prepare Fairness Opinions in Switzerland.

Founded in 1823, Von Roll is one of the most traditional companies in Switzerland. In the course of the company’s history, Von Roll had to adapt several times to changing market environments and has evolved from Switzerland’s largest steel and iron works into a high-tech industrial company that is driving the energy revolution. Today, Von Roll is the global market leader for electrical insulation systems that are used for the largest wind turbines. It develops high-performance materials for the next generation of batteries in the field of e‑mobility and produces extremely durable lightweight components for the aircraft industry.

Fairness Opinion related to the public tender offer by Werner Dubach to the public shareholders of Datacolor AG

On 3 July 2023, Mr. Werner Dubach announced his intention to acquire all publicly held shares of Datacolor AG ("Datacolor") by way of a public tender offer. Werner Dubach, current major shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Datacolor, is offering CHF 760.00 in cash per Datacolor share. The total volume of the transaction amounts to approximately CHF 15.2 million. Comparing the offer price of CHF 760.00 with the closing price prior to the public pre-announcement of the transaction of CHF 750.00 results in a premium of 1.3%. The volume-weighted average price ("VWAP") over the last 60 trading days at the same time was CHF 660.50, which reflects a premium of 15.1%. With this offer, Werner Dubach underlines his strong commitment to the company, which is active in the field of color management solutions for the textile, apparel, paint, coatings and plastics industries and the growing consumer market worldwide. Following the acquisition of the remaining public shares, Werner Dubach intends to delist Datacolor shares from the Swiss stock exchange. IFBC prepared a fairness opinion for the attention of an independent Board Committee of Datacolor to assess the financial adequacy of Werner Dubach's tender offer. As a qualified evaluator pursuant to Article 30(6) Takeover Ordinance, IFBC is suitably qualified to prepare Fairness Opinions in Switzerland.

Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, provides software, instruments and services to assure accurate color of materials, products and images. The world's leading brands, manufacturers and creative professionals have used Datacolor's innovative solutions to consistently achieve the right color for over 50 years. The company provides sales, service and support in over 100 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. Datacolor’s customers stem from textile and apparel, paint and coatings, and plastics industries as well as the growing consumer market.

Supporting the City of Zurich in the preparation for the successful issuance of its first Green Bond

On 7 July 2023, the City of Zurich announced the successful first issuance of a Green Bond. The Green Bond has a size of CHF 300 million with a coupon of 1.70%, and a maturity of 21 years. It enables investors to invest specifically in climate protection projects and thus contribute to the achievement of the City of Zurich's net zero climate target. The net proceeds of the Green Bond will be used to (re-)finance environmentally friendly buildings as well as other climate protection measures in the building sector such as heating replacement or support programs. The basis for the issue is the Green Bond framework of the City of Zurich, which is based on the Green Bond Principles of the International Capital Market Association. IFBC supported the City of Zurich's Finance Administration in the preparation of the issuance of its first Green Bond. Thereby, IFBC contributed to the focused consultation of the involved departments regarding the project and to the successful and targeted consideration of their needs. Furthermore, IFBC supported the development of the framework for Green Bonds of the City of Zurich as well as the necessary submissions to the City Council.

The Finance Administration is the central hub for financial matters in the City Administration. It ensures financial transparency with its annual accounts, budget and medium-term planning. Around 35 employees are involved in the Finance Administration of the City of Zurich. Cities are particularly affected by climate change. Also in the City of Zurich, measures are already necessary to mitigate the increasing heat and climate-related damage. To significantly mitigate global warming, greenhouse gas emissions worldwide must fall to net zero by 2050 at the latest. The City of Zurich aims to become climate neutral by 2040. For the City Administration, net zero applies by 2035.


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